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February 10, 2009


Well, I won't be sleeping tonight.

lobbyist cum can be a tough swallow.

Why am I thinking of The Beadle all of a sudden?

Joe musta heard what I think of him, the goat-fucking political streetwalker.

Joe is just thinking about his old buddy Lindsey, see how small the opening is.

That mug reminds me a of old worn out steam engine!
...having pulled trains its whole career!

I'd suggest a chin lift, but even a lift requires a chin.

Scomping down miles of Repuke pud can really bring on the wrinkles, huh Joe?

Look how dead his eyes are. That tells the whole story.

Lost in thought, chewing on smegma . . .

Joe Liarberman is just fucking evil.

That's all there is to it.

is he still here?

What ARE those two things coming out of his nostrils?!?!?

The way the lower half of his face is collapsing into folds and protuberances is fascinating... like eroded badlands. But it would take a braver man than Powell to mount an expedition into those canyons.

Joe just heard that the Israelis were going to allow the Palestinians to vote. And his ass puckered all the way up to his face.

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