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April 15, 2009


Fuck, mom must be weeping just seeing him.

You know, this pure, unrefined stupid is bad for you.

Y Kant Ur Chld Uz Dictionary.com?

THIS is what happens when SIBLINGS mate.

At least he wrapped the sign in plastic so his crappy spelling could survive the rainy weather.

Best said in a Stewie Griffen voice:

"Oh, snap! Your devilish cleverness has certainly stung me to the quick!"

Wow, that's a HUGE turnout. Two people.

It's so tasteful to wear a full length fur coat to a tax protest. I think the correct spelling in this case is morrrrans.

Don't let Jonah Doughpants see that graphic. Might be copyright infringement.

Obama is SOOOOO much like Hitler!...????
Such credibility!

Well when you defund education for thirty years what do you expect.

Dictionaries are so elitist.

Is this the same guy who held the "morans" sign years ago? Maybe he put on some weight?

They came in droves.

Ok a drove.

The Tyranny of Spelling Beez!

First they came for the dictionaries...

Then they came for the spell checker...

The funniest part is that he took the time to carefully wrap his sign in plastic (probably a good thing to do at a tea bagging party) but couldn't take the time to check his spelling before publicly parading his ignorance.

Does his T-shirt say "RUSH"??

He just wants Obama not to be a tranny. I think we all want Obama not to be a tranny.

"Don't mass with Taxes"

I love the plastic wrap around his sign so his ignorance lingers for the less dumb. Certainly, he must be wearing a Pee-bag

Oh a fastidious Gooper. I nominate this git to be ambassador to the breakaway country of Tax-ass.

the left didn't call georgee a facist til he proved he was. plus incompetent. i hope they enjoy the next few years. idjits.

He's really protesting "Tyrrany" in Alabama.

"Does his T-shirt say "RUSH"??"
Yes, unfortunately it looks like this misguided soul is wearing a Rush "Caress of Steel" t-shirt:

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