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April 21, 2009


Pickled is fine and to be expected.

But call me when he's been incinerated.

THAT I want to hear about ASAP...

It's like the corruption has started leaching out through his pores. He looks like an Ivan Albright.

speaking of murderous bastards:

Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said Tuesday that Christopher Wood, 34, discussed his family's financial problems in six notes he left behind after he killed himself Friday.

that part takes talent, however.

In that picture he looks even worse than his mother.

Punaise, if it said he'd written the notes after he killed himself, that would be problematic. Otherwise it's no different from saying "he left behind a grieving family after he killed himself."

J - I suppose you're right, but I prefer the cognitively dissonant reading of it... :~)

The Dark Lord of the Universe has given up residence in his head and the resultant vacuum is threatening to make it implode.

Ah, the gin blossoms of spring have sprung.


The White House Staff of Expert Make-Up Artists no longer have (plural, multi-plural) to paint his face. It's not in the retirement contract.

Now we get to watch him melt. I want to avert my eyes but it is so much like gawking at a car accident. Bad me. But I do want to watch him decay.

And his entire family.


good to know his DNA is torturing him now!

"In old age we end up with the face we deserve." Can't remember who the hell I just paraphrased but it's one of my faves, especially for that old gorgon Bar.

Portrait of Dorian Grey lives on!

raceynora: yes, I suppose the less said the better...

However Punaise,
"In that picture he looks even worse than his mother."

I didn't think that was possible.

The frog calls, escapes
The tug of gargling waters
Gin blossoms float by

Red staining the white
Snowjob melts to a trickle
Btight flowers in muck

Japanese has several words for cherry: the tree, fruit, and especially the blossom: sakura. Traditionally, haiku must anchor its thought to a place or a season, and cherry blossom time has been a favorite of poets for centuries. I don't recall a word for gin blossom, however. Pity. Millions of people watching his face, and we have to stretch for the methaphors.*

*OK, that is how it left my fingers. If we knew what drugs he was currently on, it would also help our poetic efforts.

I wonder if he still flies with his private portapotty and private toilet paper?


It's the Toxic Avenger!

Hi, get me rewrite, fast! Yeah, this is embalming.

Hello, rewrite? We need help on this one, bigtime.

Looks more like drinking games with the Chinese and baijiu

WT, would it be too much to ask that you remove the shoe-ducking pic? Everytime I see this pathetic idiot's visage, my foot twitches with the aching repressed urge to kick him unconscious. Just sayin'.

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