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May 02, 2009


Yup...and let's remember, this was from the man who, when discussing usage of "accidental profanities" on TV in the Supreme Court last week, made snide remarks about the Hollywood "glitteratae" having potty mouths--after he did his "vaffanculo", gesture and all, at *church*. Isn't there someone in the Mafia pissed off at this guy enough for, oh, an "accident" to happen? Sure would be nice to have another SCOTUS vacancy...

Poor judgment??? Pot meet Kettle...

It's not becoming for an old fucker to be whining....

eh, stronzino - non me ne frega un cazzo!

Oh poor Antonin, it really sucks when the turd ends up in YOUR mess kit huh you over rated pig.

Hey Tony - suck on it!

ha! REALITY is a bitch. fuckin a.

Scalia's got a third-rate legal mind; what a loser. . .

Scalia's not too bright is he?

Maybe Fat Tony's diet in America has been of the common American variety rather than the heart-healthy Mediterranean fare...

Yo, supremo-you had your chance! Now go cheney yourself up the limbaugh; don't forget to clean up the santorum.

I wonder if the students discovered that "S-C-A-L-I-A" in ancient Italian translates to "Spoiled Pig Dick" and was meant as a warning to consumers.

Actually, I made it up, but I believe it to be true.

IIRC, after Scilia's decision that supported expanding the concept of eminent domain, in Kelo v. City of New London, to transfer land from one private owner to another to further economic development, a small town in California claimed eminent domain over Scalia's local vacation home. He wasn't happy then either.

"Scalia's got a third-rate legal mind; what a loser. . . "

Appointed by a fourth-rate president.

Alas, poor Nino, sometimes no progress is made until one has been gored by the ox oneself.

"Appointed by a fourth-rate president."

And confirmed by a fifth-rate Senate.

Don't fuck with Fat Tony!

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