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June 27, 2009


Lordy damn dog almighty, that guy is good, damn good. ... . I loves the satire and that is as good as it gets. If any of you listened to the ole Rushbo as much as I do, you would appreciate it all the more. There are thousands of lunes (not loons - a difference with a distinction) that believe what was written. The writer of this piece is not one of them. ...... At least I hope so ;-)

you leftofascists want to repel the second amendent

Well, you have to admit it is pretty repellent at times.

Also, "Glenn"? As in... dare I speculate? Glenn Blecch? That would just be too damn freakin' awesome.

Ha Ha "Glenn Blecch". Makes me think of MAD magazine.

I don't think you can fake that much stupid.

no proof, just science and that makes it true for you liberals

Too clever. It's a fake.

Broken shift key, broken apostrophe key, broken brain.

Oh my god! I'm laughing my ass off. I read this blog all the time, but rarely comment. I agree that if this is a fake, it is brilliant. It very well could be someone who really wants to make a difference and "git er dun!" Either way, this is THE manifesto for all those out there who have yet to grasp what logic really is. We need to pass this on and make this lovely little man a celebrity...God bless, Glenn! Power to the people!!! LO freaking L

I don't think you can fake that much stupid.

I agree. This is genuine wingnut. Clever-ass fakers would have posted this as a comment for all to see, after doing all this work.

Also, "Glenn"? As in... dare I speculate?

I'm thinking this is from Greenwald's bizarro-world twin brother...


"...go back to guatemala or whatever fucking middleeastern..."

best line!

Oh my.

I vote for fake. It shows a world view that is flawed by factual error, but shows more knowledge than most of the conservative elight might understand. The self admission of gaydom and desire is too much!

My nominations for best lines are:

1. "no proof, just science and that makes it true for you liberals)"


3. "you, sir, are a illegal immigrant. i dont give two shits whether you are an american citizen or not:"

4. "go back to guatemala or whatever fucking middleeastern asshole you came from"

5. "you love al queda and other muslim terrorists who have killed THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS!!!! and will never stop unless they are killed. and whose going to kill them? you? LOL you dont even own a gun because you leftofascists want to repel the second amendent."

6. "ou are a socialist illegal immigrant america hater."

7. "no matter what you think. however, i dont think you are a homo, just a homo enabler."

I don't think this was faked, these people really do think this way, have no capability to analyze information in any intelligent way, judge their contradictions in fact or make construct a logical, rational argument.

If they had the above skills, FOX News would be out of business.

Listen to how many people whine about school funding in your community, it is these people who haven't a clue what they have missed.

Dear Wingnut,

You defended every thing Bush did and said, continuously excusing, rationalizing and defending his appalling decisions and actions. This made you complicit and lost you the election. Suck it up.

The end.

I call fake because no wingnut of this magnitude would use "pro forma."

prima feces

no proof, just science...hahahahahahaha. Fake.

Fake, but truly inspired. Referring the scientific method in the first sentence is a tell.

i NEEED to resist CAPS!

I realize that this guy has all the FACTS, but when did Russia quit existing? I must have missed that. Was it on the news? Just curious.

This is funny, but frightening. This guy sounds like the type of person who is holed up in his apartment with aluminum foil on all the windows, plotting to take someone out.

Wow, the Doughy Pantload has taken up sending Markos love notes... how sweet!

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