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June 27, 2009


I love your tan lines or that I love the curves of your hips, the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself) in the faded glow of night’s light —

the thank-titty of adultery?

Well how about that, isn't that generous of them?

"We understand and forgive our wayward brethren and encourage them to rejoin the fold and we stand unanimous on that -- as seperate, isolated individuals of course..."

Whereas, the Unified Front of Democratic Hedonism and Selfish Deeds is noted for its selfless adherence to distribution of wealth the destruction of the glorious individualist.

Shorter Republican Party: "Hey, it's just that one guy over there...and this one here...oh, and that guy in the third row...oh, and um, that guy in the big chair by the fireplace...yeah, and that guy at the sidetable sticking his dick in the hummus...."

Right-wing (bust a) nut-case.

But when Bill Clinton gets a blow job, that's a huge blot on the Democratic party and our "secular" culture. Got it.

Now, why was Sanford, a millionaire, hitting up the state for funds to visit his mistress while trying to deny unemployment benefits to unemployed Carolinians?

'lone but' sanford only has one testicle?

Yup, I meant 'lone nut'.

Sanford + Ensign = 2 busted nuts.

The party of lone wackos.

Typical Republicant...........Outsourcing fornication

It'd be interesting to know Sanford's policy / position on illegal immigrants and his thoughts on Iran and or Pakistan since his mistress is Argentinian by way of Iranian or Pakistani descent...

I'm wondering WHY the Repubs haven't gone after exposing some of their "moral leaders" in the religious community in an attempt to pry the party from their corrupt fingers... but there just doesn't seem to be any functioning brains in their heads... just penises run amok....


Wouldn't Sanford + Ensign = *four* busted nuts?

Just read Rushbo referring to Sanford's mistress as a "concubine".

In all fairness, she's far from a fucking concubine you fat fuck, she's an executive with probably more brains in her fish sandwich that either of you have in your entire heads combined.

Frankly I'd like to send her a thank you card for making a complete fool out of such a fine Republican. I hope she had a good time while it lasted, or at least a good laugh.

"I hope she had a good time while it lasted, or at least a good laugh."

The good laugh probably came the first time Sanford pulled down his tighty whities in the Hilton suite...

Mistress is the correct term. She was married, with another, younger lover (who reportedly leaked of the the emails), and a career of her own, so Sanford's attention was just the cherry on top.

A concubine is a kept person, relying totally upon his/her lover for support.

The chief difference between a wife and a concubine, is that a wife has a better contract stating that her children are legitimate, and thus can inherit... and as their guardian, she has some rights. The Romans had 3 kinds of "marital" contracts, depending upon term, and whether children or property were important. Much less confusing.

Jenny Sanford, as a wealthy heiress, will be fine. She'll make her husband feel like a guilty toad as she wallows in righteousness on various talk shows. Expect a book next year. The sons may or may not get used as pawns, but should benefit from counseling.

The people of South Carolina could benefit if Sanford is forced to resign and a better person replaces him. Anybody who uses taxpayer money to finance his peccadillos while denying federal funds to rebuild schools and clinics in the poorest areas of his state fails the stewardship test. Since Sanford will harp on King David as he resists the pressure, there should be several months for replacements to be vetted before an election is held.

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