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July 26, 2009


Funny - the first thing I thought was, "What the HELL is she wearing?" Great minds...

Its the traditional garb of the ex-governor of Alaska. They all have to wear it to any public picnics. Also.

She picked it up at an Inuit tag sale!

Purple is NOT her color.

heh... i think

oh, that's good. that's very good.

She's pretending to be Laplander, she's gonna herd the caribou away from the pipeline.

Don't spend a lotta time in ski shops, do you?

I didn't know Lillian Vernon sold ski clothes.

Scary clown costume. Not that she needed a costume.

Isn't that the latest from Tommy Hilfiger baby seal collection.

That is hid-u-mous! :(
Fashion attempt: FAIL

It's simple, you just take the neighborhood trolley, go through the bridge to the Land of Make Believe, and there's this darling little boutique just off King Friday Square...

My grandma's pajama top! That bitch stole my grammy's pajamas!!

I think that must be left over from the Anchorage Renaissance Fair.

El Gato = EPIC WIN!!! :)

She is preparing to wipe her nose on the sleeve.

note to twolf1: you are so en fuego with your embeds!!!

the pied piper of stupids.

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