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July 21, 2009


At the bike rally up here in Laconia the usual eating contest is one in which scantily clad female contestants offer themselves up for judgment of their sexy manner in eating a banana.

Either way, since Megan is a little pig herself, she'll fit in well with the Hogs at Sturgis.

How can I too get a gig annoying the public for money?

Show some respect. That's President McCain's daughter.

I wonder if she and Cindy have a little number worked up for this year. John said it was OK last year.

But I don't want to see her tits or Cindy's. I'd also just as soon not listen to McCain call his wife a cunt again. Fucking fuck these people - they're jerkoffs.

looks like Poppa Johnny forgot to teach his little girl the difference between who's and whose. I doubt he taught her the difference between hoes, hose and ho's either.

Maybe Not-Jenna will join her for a gang rape or two.

Friggin' fun with Cindy and Meghan McCain. Sign me up! (aaaaaaaahhh!)

wow, beer magnet heiress. never woulda guessed.

Strip away the thin veneer of upper class and what do we find.....Yep, just as I suspected, lilly white biker trash.

You wonder how those Victoria's Secret sweatpants will hold up after the initiation. Maybe the Republican one already counts.

Fucking lumpenproletariat.


Upperclass Twit of the Year?

Haha! Love that comment about the pig fitting in with the Hogs at Sturgis! Can't stand the pathologically self-absorbed, bitchy Meghan McCain. And Cindy? She's so stupid it's kind of sad. I do feel sorry for her, though, because she's married to such a prick.

It being Sturgis, might I suggest Ms. Palin and Meghan go tete-a-tete in a Biggest Floppiest Titties Contest? Cindy is unfortunately ineligible because she had her titties lipo'ed to provide raw material for the production of pharmaceuticals for the starving baybees of Swaziland, all of whom are now inexplicably addicted to Vicodin and Trim-Spa. Oh, and mud wrestling! Also.

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