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August 21, 2009


I like how serious the cat looks. That damn watermelon needs to be pushed out that lake right now, damn it!

Thank you, I needed that laugh.

Actually that cat would be doing us ALL a favor if he was pushing the mouth breathers INTO the lake...

why can't john stewart be president?

he wasn't born in the canal zone so he's disqualified

mmmm cat-rolled lake-grown watermelons aghaghaghaghagh

Only the disabled can make invalid arguments.

Actually, I suspect the cat is trying to get out of the lake and on top of the watermelon...
But the argument is still invalid.

Sisyphus cat will try again.

I am so stealing that.

Some argue that zOMG had its origins when DepressingNerd Doe witnessed something surprising and/or schocking on one of his many internet journeys on the quest for porn. In the heat of his surprise, he missed the shift key typing a 'z' instead, making 'zomg' zOMG's earliest form. Nowadays all the cool kids write zOMG for an increased dramatic effect. While the definition of zOMG is still hotly debated, it is generally accepted that zOMG would exhibit some basic characteristics.

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