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August 28, 2009


That looks positively veterinary. Is the health professional trying to stimulate kidney function?

uhh, I guess that's better than 'spanking the monkey' in public.

Our tuxedo cat, Riley, loves to get "spanky spanked". It must be a thing with some cats, I guess...

...or cause kidney failure!
Geez that seems very rough!

That is one big cat!


That is so, so interesting on so many levels, and not all of them disturbing.

Thank you. My household seems so normal now.

We call the process the B.P. aka Butt Paddle.

The only difference is the recipient dashes
away to a sisal board, paws furiously and then
returns leaping up to our laps.
This can go on 10 reps or more.

And the cat in the video is magnificent. What a cat!

I'm going to have to try that with my giant Mr. Mittens. Maybe that's what's missing in his life.

Spectacular cat there.

i slap the cat's heads. and basil is one large watermelon.

It's the quality of the silence between the notes that make it...jazz!

Pretty much standard calico behavior, for other cats an acquired taste.


Our black cat loves getting spanked. Not the calico. Thirty years ago I had a gray and orange cat, who was the only other cat I've had who wanted to be spanked. I've had four other cats, all non-spankees. One of them was also a calico, so in my experience calicos have no propensity for spanking.

This is not just a cat thing.
Our large breed dogs and horses love getting massaged like this.
If you notice the hands, they are cupped. It creates a sort of padding between the and and flesh so it doesn't hurt. This is just vigorous massage as far as the animals are concerned. If the person were using flat hands, that cat wound shred the crap out of them!

If you notice the hands, they are cupped. It creates a sort of padding between the and and flesh so it doesn't hurt.

Cupped hands also make a louder sound than flat ones, which makes it sound like the guy is hitting the cat a whole lot harder than he actually is.

We knew someone who would basically dribble his petite Siamese like a basketball, and the cat LOVED it.

By the way, I admire the quad/knee strength of the spanker -- it must be a little uncomfortable to crouch like that with such a heavy cat on one's lap.

Not a cat person, and this reinforces my preferences.

"Spanking the cat" is that what the kids call it these days?

My cats all love this treatment. This is nothing new to my house.

The hands look pretty flat to me.

I think that "Patting the Pussy" sounds much more . . . . .uhhhhhhhh . . . . . . . . .

Never mind.

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