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August 29, 2009


no gnews.

I thought it was a beautiful ceremony, and I was glad to have seen it. The most moving moment for me came near the end, after President Obama gave a wonderful eulogy. He walked down the steps past the coffin and embraced Teddy's widow. He whispered something into her ear, she hugged him and as he turned to sit back down, he reached down and patted the coffin. And as she returned to her seat, she patted the coffin, too.

Left me in tears.

Wow. I'm disagreeing all around. MSNBC up till 10am utterly vapid and in fact annoying. But then it got good - Matthews was not playing bat shit crazy, he was knowledgeable and he knows his history and philosophy and applied htem appropriately. Even our dear old racist Uncle Pat has a firm grasp of history and brought all that to the ocmmentary. Plus, no commercials. And once the service began, not a single word from any of them. Plus Matthews brought his Irish Catholic political sensibilty to the whole thing. CNN had about 15 pundits sitting around tripping all over each other and with lots of misinformation saying things like "isn't it interesting that all those Irishmen are Catholic as well. Just fascinating." Makes my teeth hurt. I'm told Shepherd Smith at Fox did a fine job as well.

C-SPAN for me. No extra gabbing, no distractions.

I have no TV. It seemed the most respectful thing to do.

I watched the entire funeral and am glad that I did. It allowed me into the center of Kennedy family life for a few hours, and it was good. For me it was also a walk down Memory Lane. Today I said goodbye not only to Ted, but also once again to JFK and RFK, who were also wonderful Americans. A sad day but a moving and important one for me.

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