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August 30, 2009


I think I beat you to the punch on this one. But did you hear her statement? She's not far from her daddy.


omg ... one more to add to the ever growing list of reasons why I dumped my TV completely in February 2009, after having dumped cable in November 2004.

Well, since my cable (which includes the locals) went toes-up a little over a month ago - I am becoming happier and happier with said situation...especially w/this, erm...'news'...
(pardon, must go urp - cheers)

she looks so much like her father it is both freaky and upsetting. she's got that dumb, cockeyed, still-drunk-from-last-night thing going.

makes me want to yack.

Cummon don't be haters..... It could be worse; It could have been the Cheney .... and exactly what is wrong with still drunk from last night? ;-) .... .

Hager, a 27-year-old teacher in Baltimore, said she has always wanted to be a teacher and a writer, and has already authored two books.

But did anyone buy them?

The Bushes (who have been doing it for generations) and other conservatives always get something for nothing. That is a primary reason thy oppose all change, because they might actually have to work for what they get and compete with the actually talented (looking at you Jonah, the Megans, Bloody Billy, etc.). I do not see why they so bitch and moan about us instituting confiscatory inheritance taxes, since they are well taken care of even without them. I am thinking 50% over $1 million, 90% over $5 million, and 100% over $10 million. The founders feared the establishment of this kind of permanent aristocracy above all else.

Well lets be fair. Mariva Shriver didn't start out on network TV because she is all that talented. Maybe they knew she'd marry a republican.

Jenna's a stupid, lazy slob. She has all the charm and wit and public spiritedness I treasure in the Bush family. And all the good looks of her Granny's ugly big ass.

I guess a teaching salary along with zero book sales just didn't cut the mustard.

I wonder how much Poppy and Babs had to pay to get this useless sack of shit this gig?

The sad thing is that the Twins are the class of Poppy's grandkids. Read up on the rest of spawn and you'll hope for the sake of the humanity that none of them reproduce.

Is it just me, or does it seem more blatantly obvious lately that the rich run everything? Like they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

Unqualifed and illegitimate: now Jenna has more in common with her father.

the rich always have plums land in thir laps without much work. i never watch that shit show and more reason not to. i NEVER EVER WACH DAYTIME TEEVEE. it will rot your brain.

What the hell is "White House experience"?
Is it more journalistically valuable than "Texas bar ladies' bathroom floor experience"?

But ... but ... but—did you read the rest of the story?

Quote 1: "... I think one of the most important things in life is to be open-minded and to be open-minded for change."
Quote 2: "[Hager] will be a reading coordinator this year [at her school]."

From whence in the pluperfect hell did she learn to be open-minded? And one can only imagine the literature this paragon of intellectualism will recommend. "My Pet Goat—The Sequel"? "My Pet Goat—The Early Years"? "My Pet Goat Strikes Back"?

Methinks the prerequisite for an open-mind is having a mind. Which Jenna is sadly lacking.

And yes, the rich do run everything, but I've also noticed that the new generation of wealthy Meghans and Jennas are really dumb bunnies. Hopefully they'll party themselves to death.

Jenna had what, 18 months of teaching experience? Which means she has just a little less than her mom did.

but I've also noticed that the new generation of wealthy Meghans and Jennas are really dumb bunnies.

I am trying to be charitable about these young women, thinking that probably many young women who have the privilege and wealth to be idle are probably dumb bunnies before they get some wisdom - it's just when they have prominent families, they have the opportunity to show us how dumb they are, publicly.

S. I see she's finally got the curtains matching the rug again. Maybe it's an effort to be more 'respectable'.

How do we know for sure what color the rug is? Are there any, um, unfortunate getting out of a limo in a short skirt photos I need to know about and hence to avoid. Because I'd hate to run across one ungirded.

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