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August 25, 2009


Damn straight. Why the fuck are these assholes taking up a seat that someone who gives a damn could be doing something useful with? Why do people elect these bastards anyway?

"Government is not the solution to your problems. It is, however, the solution to my problem, namely, that I crave large quantities of lobbyists' money."

John Cole over on Balloon Juice has a great post on this. Since Coburn said call my office and I will take care of you, why isn't every progressive Dem telling folks to flood his office with calls demanding he get them some help?

You know those rotten SOB's on the other side would be doing this if a Dem said something half as stupid.

SCREENERS! How did this whiner get through security, dammit!

We her neighbors, are the Government, Sen Cockburn. We are not the solution because of dickheads like you.......

sadly more greedy ones in his state.

what a fucking asshole.

so people who need help should be dependent on the charity of their neighbors? Does he not understand the phrase "we the people"?

no, of course he doesn't. He should be impeached. I can't believe his asshole constituents were applauding him.

I don't say this often, but fuck that guy.

Ok, I say that often, but I really mean it!!

Come on folks - he IS a repiglican from Oklahoma. Still an insensitive idiot. Oh, and getting socialized medical coverage.

What a cold hearted prick!

1 down. 46,999,999 to go. What the hell is he going to do for her? Pay her insurance for her? Adopt her?

Hell if plural marriage was legal he could marry her and her husband and have them covered under his insurance. Just let the Insurance companies try to drop him...

Please read "The Family". Coburn is a big player. Makes sense when you read the book that he would tell that poor woman to "turn to the neighbors and friends". It is not diferent then SP taking cookies and relgion to the poor in Alaska. Their message is=no government// turn to the churches. We are in trouble if this takes hold.


1 down. 46,999,999 to go. What the hell is he going to do for her? Pay her insurance for her? Adopt her?
I bet Coburn's idea of help will be to give her directions to the nearest emergency room.

naw, CapMidnight, he'd probably tell her she wasn't praying hard enough and she deserved to be sick.

Republicans just spent the last 8 years blowing up the government, either by plan, by incompetence, or a combination of both.

Then they have the nerve to go out and say how government doesn't work and is the problem. Well gee guys, if you spent half the effort governing as you did playing political games we wouldn't be in the hole we're in. I can hardly wait to see how they try to spin the Afghan war now that it's come out that a vast majority of Americans are against it. Who wants to bet the Thugs portray themselves as the biggest bunch of peace loving anti-invading bunch you ever laid your eyes on.

Take that back, they blew the government up just like Grover Nordquist wanted. Screw each and every one of these creeps and the teabagger they rode in on.

RIP Teddy Kennedy

Oklahoma is full of mouth-breathing, knuckle-draggers, as evidenced by the two batshit crazy bastards they elected to the Senate. If you scooped all the brain matter from the heads of Coburn and Inhofe, I doubt the blended results would produce 2 firing neurons.

curse him with incontinence. celibacy. a pox on his greedy ass.

The government doesn't owe its citizens healthcare. Where does its say that in the constitution . We are the greatest country in the world and that is because we haven't gone the way of every other industrialized country that has public healthcare and taxes it citizens ove 50 % of their incomes. There are plenty of countries that have what you socialist bastards want, move there.

Oh wow! My first troll sighting here at DR. Thanks Mark, my tags are now filled.

There are plenty of other blogs that welcome trolls, move there.

What a sick fuck he is. And a big "fuck you all" to the assholes who clapped. As if they're going to pitch in to take care of that guy. Poor woman.
Fucking Republicans need to be known as "The Party of No, That Substitutes Worthless Platitudes for Real Solutions."

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