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August 28, 2009


That was great. Well done, clear and concise. Thanks!

but amerika is all about profit. why do you hate COMMERCE/amerika?

Bunch of goddamn Commies if you ask me.

Seriously, though, this is really well done.

why is nobody pointing out our system makes amerika LESS competitive against other 1st world countries? are we brazil? oh wait. i guess we are.

I just lost my high-paying (for a tech weenie) telecom job last month, so now me and the SO are on unemployment and COBRA. Thanks Obama for the 66% COBRA subsidy for 9 months, I sincerely appreciate it, but can't you guys get a public option in place before the end of your first frikin' term? What a joke. And at the end of it all we probably won't even qualify. I must say, I though the 8 tortuous W years were as bad as it could get, but lately Canada has never looked so good.

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