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September 06, 2009


WTF is it with Washington Dems?

I'm talking of course about their UTTER INABILITY TO LEARN ANYTHING FROM EXPERIENCE. I don't care about Van Jones personally one way or the other, honestly, but this will be seen -- and spun -- as weakness and retreat on the part of the Obama White House.

And all the Professional Concerned Dems will be shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- to see it played that way on every newscast from here to Timbuktu. Just like the last time. Just like the next time.

Are they all bred from goldfish? That would explain the 3-second attention span.

It is really embarrassing that our president would subject someone he has hired to ridicule by this action. I am losing touch with these people cowering in their boots over some psycho that freaks every time someone asks for a piece of the truth. The democratic party seems to suck just as much as the geeks on parade.
Imagine, asking for the truth about something the Cheney administration has done? This is a crime worthy of instant firing and humiliation.
Mr. President, you have screwed up badly, again.

The typical Republican would fuck a woodpile if he thought there was a snake in it.

Might be time for Obama to start saying so, albeit a bit less graphically.

Someone needs to remind Emmanuel and Obama that you don't fight people like this, you ignore them. By even acknowledging them you give them credibility and these people are so delusional they deserve no credibility.

Is it news that Obama puts bipartisanship before everything else? Didn't anyone actually read Audacity of Hope?

None of this changes the pure and simple truth that yes, Repigfuckers ARE ASSHOLES, and it was refreshing to hear some one say it loud and proud. For a little while any way. God I hate these fuckers, I hate to admit it but in some little dark corner of my heart I wish upon them some thing akin to genocide.

Where's Dexter when you need him?!

If only he could obtain some courage, perhaps at a local non-Pentecostal drugstore.


gyma, I've been wondering that myself...

and the ninnyism will get louder. and the gnews will report on them because they are whining the loudest.

this is clintonism on steroids.

I guarantee plenty of Obama haters are rejoicing right about now!

Big Oil and Big Coal had a lot to do with this.


One of the kinder things said about Clinton's tendency to over-compromise was that he had a deep need to be loved by all the people, all the time. Obama seems to be made of the same cloth. What is it with these fatherless boys, anyway? (Maybe next time we should ask Bill Cosby to choose the pres. He's the one who said that the way not to please anyone is to try to please everyone. I think.)

Well thought-out Keara.
You got a couple of holes there in your missive, about love.
Now, to push the obvious, no one knows what love is.
Fatherless boys.
Well, first of all, who you calling "boy"?
Are you superior?
Are you better than somebody, Keara?
Are you a fatherless daughter, a barren womb, lonely?
Call me: 1-556.415.4736

I knew that Obama would be disappointing. I didn't expect it this bad this quickly. Rahm as Chief of Staff. Geithner in Treasury. Tried to put that corproate whore daschle at HHS. Summers as an economic adviser. Holder sitting on his fucking hands with regard to Don Siegelman's political prosecution and his inaction on investigating torture, war crimes and the lies that led to that illegal invasion of Iraq, etc. Now letting Jones get thrown under the bus. This is beyond appalling. If I voted for Obama I would be livid. And no, I didn't vote for McCain. I picked one of the handful of third parties on the ballot, because "they" haven't demoralized me enough to give up on voting. But I'm close.

go with Tenn Titans, bet against the Raiders all year.
It'll pay the rent.

Watertiger, sorry but I have to know. Are the kind of comments that wa ching has made to me permissible here?

Keara, are we sure someone's not trolling wa ching? Because she's usually reasonable & has been posting for a while I think, but every now & then it's like she's channeling a racist. WT, verdict?

I'm a man, baby!

You want to pick a fight?
You got one

Asking the musical question,
So What ?

(any version by Miles available @ amazon for the low low price of 99cents)

Thank you, psychobroad. I appreciate the reply and support. I hope WaterTiger will act to rid this wonderful forum of such highly personal vitriol.

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