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September 10, 2009


FYI Watertiger,

Those would be those crackers we discussed earlier in the day.

why wasn't he tazered and dragged out by police?

it was a big misunderstanding. eager for Christmas, he said "Yule, aye".

Stumbled across this and thought you'd enjoy it, watertiger.


Ah, well, maybe we should be thankful that he had enough restraint not to yell, "you lie, boy."

Montag....you probably read his mind! (What there is of it!)


..and yet not enough class to yell, "You lie, sir," showing at the very least respect for the office of the President.

Republicans: Woefully ignorant and willfully classless.

Wilson is just following a long and noble South Carolina tradition http://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/hist ory/minute/The_Caning_of_Senator_Charles _Sumner.htm

That incident helped bring the Civil War (or as Wilson probably calls it the War of Southern Independence). Perhaps this will result in a new birth of freedom also.

for those of you that twitter

Actblue page Rob Miller, Wilson's opponent ttp://bit.ly/13CgmC @CongJoeWilson, #CensureWilson, http://bit.ly/1hUrqM

butbutbut what about the BOOING? i heard BOOING on PBS.

You know, for all I care, the south can have their damn freedom. If I had a crow bar big enough I'd go down to the Mason-Dixon line myself and pry them into the sea.

Save for Atlanta, I'd pluck out Atlanta and keep that.

And New Orleans, I'd keep that too.

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