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October 12, 2009


holy cow! I'm sure that one will cause someone to call CPS

teh cute

Bouillabaisse hot
Bouillabaisse cold...
Bouillabaisse in the pot
Nine days old!

(Well, it IS cuter than pease porridge!)

As my wife says, "That's adorable."

Oh, that's just terrible!


Cancel the kid's insurance - there's an extra set of eyes!

need a bigger pot for that lobster.

hey, is that Josh Marshall's kid?

Oh, that's adorable. Anyone who flashes on calling CPS just has to imagine an Annie Hall-esque situation in which the lobster baby squirms out of the cauldron and scuttles wild and free amid screaming hominids. This lobster baby will prevail. I feel a Cute Overlord destiny coming on.

I kinda didn't get the bug-in-the-champagne-bucket get-up.

So, thanks for the 'splainin'.


Needs butter.

Honestly, I cannot imagine a wee one NOT wriggling out of there in a hot hurry!

Fucking hilarious!!!

Athens Finest Rock Lobster!


Cuz Old School, was new school, and it's all old and new again.

Pass the butter and lemon, merci.

Oh, to be the therapist who is going to hear about this for many sessions...

Total jealousy. My wife and I settled on costuming our two-month old as a peapod, and now I see this.

Total jealousy.

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