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October 18, 2009


Wow, the Palins are 'the Riches' but without the morals OR the class. (and Taaahhdd is sooo not Eddie "delish" Izzard!)

Sarah, I am old and I don’t have much money for food and heat this winter. Could you please give me my 5 dollars back you big gaping cow hole, chiseling bag of dirt.

Picture courtesy of Toad Palin from his new Boeing 757.

That must be the new Wasilla White House that Sarah is going to run the country from in 2012.

Madbob, you are a fucking poet my man. "Big gaping cow hole"; pure fucking poetry baby.

Already spendin' that advance, I see.

So, when the print run doesn't sell out, and Harper Collins wants two or three million back, Scarah is just going to tell `em to fuck off, you betcha.

Thanks Capt, I hope I didn't hurt any cow's feelings.

How do you build a mansion with only right wings?

Can she see Dick Cheney's undisclosed location from there?

What's that in the backyard? Scrap plow trucks and old snowmobiles? Looks like a typical white trash compound that just received a check from the ole GOP.

Nothing like wingnut welfare, I'll you that.

A big screen TeeVee in each room and even in the face of the fridge, mirror-tile ceiling in the master bedroom over the king size waterbed. Rotting taxidermy staring over them throughout the place, jutting from walls, laying on the floor with dead mouths and glass eyes open.

All class.

Oh and of course the original house will be left empty, right next door, to sit and rot, WITH the old furniture still in it, in place, possibly the fridge or the washer/dryer moved out to the backyard.

in full denial of the potential effects of global warming, they neglect to raise the floor level of the house above grade.

(oh, that's a lake, you say?)

wt forgot to credit the photo to balloon boy on his flyby.

Just took another look at the photo, a little more closely this time... those are turrets at the front corners.... How, uh... regal.

She's also renting the big white house next to the new one being built. I guess the witch of Wasilla doesn't want to mix with the riffraff too closely. Rumor has it she (he has no cash) is going to buy that place once Todd's man cave/airplane hangar/Bristol's crash pad are done being built.

Building a multimillion dollar palace in an ultrarich waterfront community: That's Mavericky. ™

No matter how much money and how big a house she can scam they're still in Alaska where that lake will be frozen over 9 months out of the year.

Rogue rich republitwat builds compound.

How unique of her.

Gindy, watch the use of "Witch" - she's NOT one of my peeps!

Just took another look at the photo, a little more closely this time... those are turrets at the front corners.... How, uh... regal.

How else are people going to know it's a chateau, and not just some vulgar McMansion?

And you can put guns up there, for extreme sturgeon fishing in the lake. And intruders. Or Levi trying sneak up to the trellis by the nineteen year old's window.

(I was gonna type "Bristol", but I can't remember if that's the nineteen year old's name, and I don't want to give the trolls any fake outrage ammunition about the fifteen year old)

Repulsive, Repulsive, let down your hair
So we may climb and openly stare
To see what ill-gotten gains you sport
Then to turn us away with a wink and a snort.

Hey Elspeth, how's that curse you've been working on?
Can you make those lake waters rise say 15ft or maybe bring that bear skin back to life to avenge all the wildlife she's murdered! :-)

that's the meth lab out back.

That new house looks like the chancellery Speer designed for Hitler. Is that a turret, or just an air shaft for the bunker?

Check out the long shadows behind the house. Who wants to live someplace where the sun never gets more than about 20 degrees above the horizon?

Madbob, you rock!

For more information about the Wasilla Wonderland on Dead Fish Lake, please visit Gryphen at www.theimmoralminority.blogspot.com, as well as Regina and Patrick at www.palingates.blogspot.com, and Bree at www.breepalin,blogspot.com.

lawns are bad for water that close. typical republikkklan, it's all about them.

and they have lot of sun in summer. but now they are rapidly losing sun and the earth tilts, ignoring palin's brite star.

This looks like what a lottery winner does with a jackpot...spend the money as fast as possible. Powerful/wealthy folk build their homes on hills.

If it's an air shaft for the bunker, let me know where Speer hid the Zyclone B...

Look at the front portico closely... isn't that a little person playing the banjo??

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