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October 26, 2009


Since the kid isn't driving yet, one must assume that Mom took her out and bought her that terrible costume. Nice going, Mom.

"Knock, knock. Child Protective Services."

Is that really Billy Ray's daugher? If so, I'm willing to bet mom wasn't the parent who took her shopping. I think his daughters are living out his dream wardrobe. Remember the Mullet to end all Mullets?

She has NO bizness having those boots... I want them, but then, I'm old enough. She looks like trash. Why didn't she dress as her omnipresent, undertalented, overrated sister?

And we all wonder why rape is so prevalent in 'merica? This CHILD is NINE years old. What the hell???

16 y.o. punaisette has a cute flapper costume (hey, maybe she should go to that 20s era bankers shindig...). We weren't too thrilled about the silver four inch spiked heals, however. Not only period inappropriate, but ankle-twistingly dangerous.

Of course, high school juniors have no business trick-or-treating. It's just an excuse to roam the streets with packs of friends.

This is so wrong. How are we perverts supposed to lust after teenagers in Catholic school uniforms now?

are child molesters liking this?

Where to begin in how wrong this is? This isn't okay.

Looks like she and Ali Lohan have the same stylist -- a 49-year old white male pedophile who lives at home with Mom.

There's a problem here?
When you're nine you should be able to make an ass of yourself.
Or a whore.
Dancers in school groups wear stuff like this all the time.

If she's 29 and still dressing like this, well, then . . . there's probably a politician nearby.

So this is Country?

So, is that latest, erm, 'frock' from Skankettes R US?

Was this pic taken in a makeshift 'red carpet' area in the back of the trailer park? I mean, red duct tape holding the carpet down, the drape isn't even ironed and there are no 'sponsors' sprayed across said drape.

Ego trip/star training for future porn star Cyrus-lite?

I feel sorry for the girl.

I'm willing to bet that numerous Repukes are masturbating furiously to that pic, especially Newt Gingrich.

Except, of course, that it's not Halloween.
Her dad probably lets her dress that way every day.

Well the trend of about 4? years ago was to put the words cutie, princess, hottie or juicy on the behind of little girls shorts and sweatpants. WTF ladies? Are you advertising your daughters to molesters? Of course if you watch the housewives of wherever series you see the spoiled, self obsessed women who spend $12K on wigs each month. Learn early I guess.

Today I learned a new "restaurant concept" in my small town is catering to the college kids and includes a pole for "dancing" and a recent observer tells me that the girls not only dance the pole but on table tops and do body shots. Wow. Cool. Let's teach them all to be tramps since in this economy there isn't much else for them.

Moistenedbink, my friend's daughter's godmother took her then 8 y.o. charge to the store for a shopping spree and picked out for the little 'un just the items you mentioned. The actual mom had a conniption and the daughter didn't want them so they returned them post-haste. The godmother (who was in her early 50s) was mad, she thought they were "cute"!???!?

Without my glasses she looks like Amy Winehouse dressed up in a Tori Amos costume.

With my glasses it's just - well - worthy of MSNBC's weekend lineup I reckon.

Whatever happened to dressing up like, I don't know, a pirate? Or Wall*E?

so frogspond,if a 9 year old is dressed in questionable clothing, it is HER fault she is raped? if an adult is dressed in 'questionable' clothing she is ASKING for it?

no. there is something VERY WRONG with your statement

No. that was not what I was saying at all. What I was saying was that we are objectifying girls at a younger and younger age. Objectification in any form is wrong but this takes the cake.

That love, not time, heals all wounds?

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