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November 10, 2009


Do people really forget to have kids like they forget to pick up milk, eggs and orange juice from the super market? That a pretty condescending twit (or twitter?), Mika. Some women are unable to have children. How do you answer to that?

Has anyone posted to remind me to have children? I think not. Now I'm going to have to abuse alcohol this evening. Thanks, Watertiger! And my liver thanks you.


Screw! Men to have children. I blame Mika.

yes, by all means don't forget to have many babies.... and then complain constantly about being tired, how those little treasures have sucked the life out of your marriage, changed your career path, and have generally made your life "messy"... because we all know that a child needs to be constantly reminded of what a burden they are...

fortunately there are some folks that KNOW they shouldn't have children.... doesn't seem like Mika has that presence of mind.

Who could have anticipated that Mika would become a Duggar?

meh. i don't twit. more so if sweater girl.

Dear Dear Poor Mika, if less people (and I include men that feel a need to plant their seed at all cost) had children the world would be a better place. Not only would it lessen the overcrowding problem we have but it would lessen the number of unqualified people who reproduce. Not everyone should have children and if you don't understand this logic look at the number of children who are abused and neglected.

Go back to being Scarborough's deer in the headlights clueless sidekick and leave the thinking to people who are qualified. Hell at this point I think Joe the Plumber is more qualified to speak on issues than you are. What a waste of an education you are...

Did the editor at Huffpo get hit by a bus???

I've been away. What is a "morningmika"?


A 'morningmika' is what causes one to get 'santorum' on their sheets.

Xmas gift ideas...

Wow - one favorite links to another. I must say Charles Pierce has fine taste in lady bloggers.

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