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December 27, 2009


Good for you SoylentB, now you can discover the hilarity that ensues when you mix booze with firearms.

Especially when that drain is clogged with bullshit.


Learn anything else at Sturgis?

Now if she could only learn how to pour piss out of a boot...

I just made the sweetest peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!! I may not know how to unclog the toilet on the Straight Talk Express™ but I sure can cook!!1!

"I just made the sweetest fart ever! I may not know how to unclog my sinuses, but I can handle a matchbox and make a fart!"

Hi, Megs here!

I just walked and chewed gum at the same time!!!! Sure you smart ass libs might think that's easy but you try it with a silver spoon in your mouth....

So a mid 20's Ivy League graduate who has never held a job brags about being able to start a fire and shoot a gun. Now at least I know why the right loved Georgie Bush, he was a genius compared to most of these numbnuts.

She'll need that gun when the peasants finally revolt. If they ever wise up of course.

Yeah, all the apartments in NYC have fireplaces.

No, they don't.

Jebuz, bitch, if you want to be a survivalist, go live in the wilderness. If you want to live in NYC, live in NYC. Quit trying to convince us that you're a survivalist living in NYC

A fire in the fireplace and 24-hour pizza delivery... the rich Republican's idea of camping out....

Well, now she's all set to invite Hucklebee and Palin over for a book burning/target shooting contest.

I can't imagine the frustration that must come for serious scholarship students attending school along undeserving morons like this.

Survivor . ..... . Damn it she is a natural. I have never watch one episode but I would learn how to turn that machine on, if she was a participant. The mind just wanders....... Mai Tai recipes, match lighting, reservations, mall shopping, jello shot contests, mud wrestling....Oh , yes indeedy; the mind does wander

she lies. if that bitch ever started a fire she wouldn't have any hands or hair left. the butler did it.

Au contraire, that's why Bridget's there.

"Bitch, get that fire going now, dammit!" as she clasps her iphone, "I gotta Twitter this! Get out of the way! I wanna get my boobies next to the fire..damn this is gonna be HOT!"

She started a fire, eh? Start with two chubby thighs rubbing together, add any flammable material, and voila!

"...but I can handle a shotgun..."

which apparently consists of letting go with both barrels.

Don't store the shotgun shells by the fire. Also.

please store the shotgun shells IN the fireplace, dear...

So she ignored the burn ban and built a fire. Gee sweety even a two year old can start a fire.

I like the shotgun shells in the fire idea.

Imagine spending your life cultivating an image of white trash straight out of the trailer.

Shotgun shells roasting over an open fire...


Dang, she's a regular Ted Nugent and all. Oh, except Ted also has a thing for underage girls as well.

do not get me started on that classic assclown nugent. he embodies every horrid trait the gopers EVER exhibited...stupid animal slaughterer carnivorous blood drinking child molester......ARRRRGH!

She can handle a shotgun? Well in Republican world I guess that makes her a sharpshooter.

lemme guess..........shes gonna shoot some poor friend wanna-be in the face and then make him apologize?

"I can't imagine the frustration that must come for serious scholarship students attending school along undeserving morons like this," said Kate, showing great wisdom.

Because I sure do. The angry scholarship-and-work-study prole in me still rises up singin' when I see the Undeserving Morons of Today, especially Meghan.

I bet she soon becomes a spokesperson for Duraflame logs as they are the sweetest fireplace burnin' things evah! Especially when you light the paper ends by shooting a shotgun at them! KaBOOM!

Columbia University grad? What was her grade point average, anyway?

she uses am m-1 rpg launcher, to be sure of complete ignition.

Definitely cultivating the Sarah Palin crowd. Maybe she thinks she can out-Palin Palin?

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