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December 22, 2009


We all need more Charlie Pierce in our lives. It almost makes the bullshit endurable.

lieberfuckenputz is more the pimp. HE wants to be stroked more than stroke his funders.

can we u.p.s. joe to the sun?

I loves me some Nation anyday of the week.

As usual, Black people stuck it out there 12 years in advance,
It's Nation Time.

wa ching, you're probably right, except that Nation Time was about 25 years ago, and they were Negroes, whadya expect? The future in front of your face?

Listen, when I first heard Lawerence Marble, I realized that white music was in the hands of Black people.
Much to the chagrin of my parents, who are multi-kulti, this brought grins at the breakfast table as we listened to Count Basie doing April in Paris and Joe Williams doin' Everyday.
...When you go from 7 to 9 yrs, that's a jump.

Especially when you are 9 years old and have a little kid's drum set and a record player.
Life gets turned around.

Listen to Coleman Hawkins

In fact, really check out Sonny Rollins AND Coleman Hawkins.

Life gets turned.

Fuck all o' you chickenshits.

Deaf People dot calm.
Hit it and pick up.

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