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December 02, 2009


Wow, lil' Cindy is totally a shining example of Too Rich AND Too Thin...fer gawd's sake beeyotch, go eat a steak or take in some pate' - I'm surprised you haven't gone into organ failure - your body is starved so desperately...

Are the McCains going to do a remake of Lost in Space, with Cindy in the June Lockhart role?

Henry the K could probably do a credible robot, "Varning! Varning! Leefi Johnston! yore vater-in-law! Danger!" Lindsey Graham as Dr Smith.

Kissinger- bloodthirsty pig. The day he and Cheney are pushing up daisies will be cause for celebration.

Jaysus, will you look at that stomach on Kissinger? He looks like he's up to devouring three, maybe four babies a week.

"So joo are ze von mit der boobies on ze Tvitter, nein?"

When did Mr. Creosote take over for Mr. Kissinger?

And his face is one giant liver spot. I hope they have a tiled room for him to splode in.

Her "adopted state"? Is she living in NY? Please God, NO.

res, Mommy bought her a million-dollar apartment when she "graduated" from Columbia.

which is all well and good that mommy can afford it, but when li'l Megs plays at being all "street" and "biker" and shit, that pisses me off.

"I zmell kuchen ein ze purse, ja?"

Looks like Cindy got a little more nip/tuck after her husband's failed campaign against Obama. Every day, in every way, I am glad this beeyotch is not First Lady.

stick woman vs. the blob monster

Wow! Cindy is wearing the same silver suit that Johnny "Guitar" Watson wore on tour in the mid '70's.

As Johnny would say, "I wanna ta-ta ya, baby!"

What is going on with Megan's hair? Is she auditioning for the revival of "Heidi"? Her head is incredibly large with not enough gray matter to fill it.

She graduated from Columbia and writes "me and Dr. Kissinger"??? Revoke her degree until she takes a grammar course.

Judging by the ridiculous size of his stomach as montag pointed out
he must have a colon the size of a water main!

just sayin

Just as an aside, WTF is Megan wearing?

Goldilocks enters Hell's Kitchen and meets Roast Beef and Ms. TinFoil, the evil denizens of Tweety-Town.

What devilish plot will the three of them cook up today?

res, i'm sure it's some little thing she picked up in Sturgis, while she was hanging out with her "real" biker friends.

"Yooo keeep essen und trinken in der biker bar und yooo vill loook lock me!

She gonna kiss his ring?

did i hear nazi?

Which of this little threesome will get to the buffet last?


Hey, you have to like how Megan is holding her handbag in front of her abdomen, like it's a shield in case Kissinger has the power to impregnate her with his laser eyes. She's not dumb. Yes, I said that.

Henry's was planning to give his usual advice: pimp for the Chinese and other dictators, they pay very well. But what he actually seems to be thinking here is, So the shiksa-momma gave her floozy daughter all her extra bosom? Oy these goy!

In our latest episode of "What Not to Wear"....

Meghan demonstrates the latest in hairstyles and clothing that make you appear dumpier and frumpier than "the little people" you look down on, while her mother wears the costume of a foil-wrapped baked potato.

too much money, not enough taste.

he'll just reflect his gaze offa tinfoil woman, and bank shot a baby into megan.

WTF is up with Meg's hair?

On the right, there? That's Larry Summers in 30 years.

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