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February 02, 2010


thought she was the one that was supposed to have the brains in the family... and Jenny dear, if HE was in love with you and not your money the fidelity clause would have stayed in...

"we were in love" - no sugar, you were in lust, you were in passion, you didn't even know yourself well enough to know that his not taking a vow of fidelity (among others?!??) was a GINORMOUS RED FLAG w/FIREWORKS & SIRENS to RUN AWAY!

Ignorant lil' 'christian' cuss.

"It's my nature" said the scorpion to the frog as he drowned, midstream, killing them both.

Love, Honor and Ohhhh Baby...

Looking forward to seeing this opus on the $2 book rack, say by May.

more t.p. for the snobillies...


how long has he been in the 'family'. she's a republikkklan, of course she is not bright.

I guess Governor Family Values was figuring he could tell the GOP base that he'd "never break his marriage vows", without lying.

In the same way that the wide-stance G.O.P. Senators can tell their wives they'll never cheat with on them with another woman.

According to her wikipedia page poor Jenny said in a newspaper interview: "It wasn’t exactly love at first sight. It was more like friendship at first sight."

And at the time she claims she was naively "young and in love," she was 27 years old and vice president of mergers and acquisitions at investment bank Lazard Freres & Company.

"It bothered me to some extent, but ... we were very young, we were in love," she said.

You were in love. He was in business. Skilsaw, anyone?

Hate to say it, in the midst of their difficulties, but, they sound as if they were just like peas in a pod, y'know....

She seems like she was a good wife, but married to a terrible husband. I cut her some slack.

Vows don't count.
Knowin' the Colts does count.
Everything I know about NFL football runs through the Colts, Niners, Steelers and some teams from north or south of where they are at the moment.
Trip here is Go Colts.
Take the, go under.

It for today. Could change tomorrow.


karen marie, while she may have been 27 and a good business woman, that doesn't mean she was mature when it came to relationships. She isn't terribly attractive and to compensate for her lack of looks, perhaps she concentrated on her mental abilities in the realm of business. I was pretty much the same way before I grew up emotionally at the age of 32. I never made the mistake of marrying my partners (no money of my own to attract them) but I went through some real losers before growing up emotionally and realizing I didn't need to be treated like shit to feel something.

Jesus, Jenny Sanford, what the fuck would you expect?
A giganticly hamsome haircut, right next in bed with you, lacquer in the air, everything perfect.

Jenny, you're listening to the wrong music. Or at least listening to lyrics.
That's going to fuck you up if you are weak. Somebody tell you what to do, see, that's jive, words don't mean shit unless they sound like a musical instrument, or your heart beating.

So....are we going to be treated to the Argentine beauty...as the new Mrs. Sanford.....just like Rudy's many "new" wives...and likewise the Newt...and the McCain...etc., etc. Family values indeed!

nah, the argentine tail has prolly dumped him like a hot potato.....the thrill is gone when the world thinks he's an idiot.

She must have been taken advantage of routinely!

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