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February 08, 2010


Teabagging? Yeah Ok

Brilliant. The longer I look at it, the more brilliant it gets.


the only thing missing are little hearts or smiley faces over the "i"s.

Beat me to it, Julia.

Funny, the wingnuts are claiming that the lefties are "outraged" by Palin's antics.

No, we're laughing our asses off. This one can be milked for laughs for a long time to come.

If Palin does make a formal appearance as a Repug candidate in 2012, I'm hoping that the debate moderator inspects her hands and checks for cheat sheets up her sleeves before beginning.... :)

She has two hands. What was on the other? Surely one wasn't enough for such an outofcontrol brain.

And she looks at it two hours later, "What have donuts got to do with wash hands??"

"Lift Merkin Spirits" were on the left hand ?


Just a few emoticons and voila! No more sounding out the words...


It's the same handwriting that got her through the
Wasilla School system...!

It's the same handwriting that got her through the
Wasilla School system...!

...and five or six colleges.

I object! Most of the writing was in Bic, but LEFT is a tattoo.

"left" and "right" written on her shoes too?

...and one of her rapturous butt cheeks is tattooed "left behind"

Left hand for notes, right hand for handjobs.

too easy. i coulda really cheated. the sides of a No. 2 pencil. SIX SIDES OF CHEAT.

i wonder if the writing comes off when she gives Todd his morning

I was expecting to see "Breath in, breath out" but, alas...

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