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March 03, 2010


And a gloriously beautiful rock it is. Despite how much the Refucks try to degrade it.

Ain't that the truth.

Unless you're the piece of shit on the rock called South Crapolina.

SC may gut programs for 26000 disabled residents

It gets better, space fans:

SC lawmaker ready to loan state funds to Heritage for a fucking golf tournament!

Nice piece of stencil work.


Yeah... but... I'm important...

That is just another liberal lie!

Just like global warming!

And if you don't hold on to something solid when the poles shift on 2012, you'll surely go off whizzing into outer space. If you ignore this heads up, try not to hit the space station on the way.

This reminds me of this animated short I found linked at Fafblog.

...And that space is filled with swans and stars and dreams.


And if that asteroid hadn't killed them dinos, we wouldn't be here:


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