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March 03, 2010


so true. i am getting extremely sick of our 'libral' media. and our national amnesia. like 2001-2008 did not occur.

How come we had to lose Eliot Spitzer but had to keep David Vitter?

Max is right. There are two separate sets of rules.

A-bloody-men. I can't read the Paterson stuff without my brain screaming "WHERE THE @#$@f@#!! WERE YOU THEN?" It has been a painful reminder that the Grey Lady still knows HOW to dig the dirt -- and publish it. She just chooses not to at times that are inexcusable.

Money, money money, journalists are bamboozled by power and money, easily conned by savvy politicians and their lackeys.

For the wink of an eye, an invite, a few dollars, a romp in the Caribbean, god only knows, they chose to turn the other way and forget how to report anything.

I'm so old I can remember when the media didn't operate as Repug cheerleaders.

Kate, me, too. I can remember the Watergate Investigation, but we all have to bow down to the 'wants' of the 1%ers who own us all. Slaves is what we have been relagated to. No one wants us, we need to die, after a productive life of sucking up. Clear the planet of everyone and the 1%ers will lead a happier life, spending our $$$$$$$ Karma will come calling, someday.

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