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July 15, 2010


I always had my doubts about vestal virgins, as well.

I always thought she was getting it on with Brutus and just stringing Popeye along!

So- is SweetPea really Olive and Popeye's love child?

no, becks. SweetPea is actually Bristol Palin's child.

what about betty boop?

betty boop? good lord, that's a given.

More than a few Tijuana Bibles have removed all doubt.

I yam what I yam

hey, hey, don't fuck with betty boop. thats my lady. chuckle chuckle

Olive has been playing both Brutus and Popeye for years, but like any smart girl, she knows that Popeye has the heart and loyalty while Brutus, is well, a brute and while they are fun...

Betty on the other hand, has her sugar daddy (she calls granddad but we know better) and is really a nice girl at heart who just isn't interested in being trapped by the marriage thing. A very modern girl.

Virginity...like training bras and Barbie Dolls, big girls have no need.

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