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July 27, 2010


A lot of years ago a friend of mine dated one of Phyllis' nieces. She told him that in her family she was referred to as "crazy Aunt Phyllis."

Her tears sustain me.

So, unmarried women should be taxed, to get less of them? Especially if they "threw their husbands out?"

"The blacks." Well, at least she's not calling them "the coloreds" any more.

Why would anyone listen to a reptile with opposable thumbs and teats...well maybe in a side show but...really, why?

Audience: "Is she done? Should we clap? Now?"

Oh,and Phyllis? How's your big cocksucker of a son?

The percentage of unmarried women who are single mothers -- 36.8% in 2005, according to this.

Only 27.8% of unmarried women old enough to have had something close to accurate sex education (age 25-29) are having babies out of wedlock. If you went through puberty during the Clinton administration, only 16.1% of your cohort are single mothers. Unfortunately, the percentage of unmarried women under the age of 15 who have children is 97.4%.

"Abstinence education" FAIL.

I was going to say "fuck Phyllis Schlafly," but the very concept is revolting.

Well, I guess I didn't phrase that well. It's not 94% of all 15 year old females.

But go to the link. There's more there.

did she ever have a job other than using her looks?

Next on Horror Monster Theater..."The Bride of Cheney"

This is what I hear when I listen to Schlaughably.

Blargh blargy blardy blar blar blaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh. Her voice is like claws on a chalk board.

I would pitchfork that ugly bitch before I'd let her speak in my presence. And by pitchfork I mean tell her loudly and in no uncertain terms to get the fuck out of my sight.

By the way, when she says Obama is increasing the percentage of the pop that is dependent on government, does she mean Wall Street?

So it's either, give the money to the Welfare crowd to get elected or give the money to the Wealthy to get elected? Is that the difference between Dems and Reps?

I'm not supposed to listen to her.

It's not good for my mental health.

Why am I seeing Sarah Palin here. What's wrong with my eyes. Nooooo.

what a vile old bitch...

It's disgusting. I've heard so many people saying those same things- and they are all the same- wealthy, white and afraid of teh blacks.

70% of unmarried women voted for Obama. Could it be that unmarried women are younger, more progressive and looking for government that might actually take an interest in women's issues?

How many of that 70% of unmarried women voted for Obama because they are currently without health insurance? I know my son's girlfriend voted for O for that very reason. She's young,poor, unmarried and doesn't have health insurance.

Sorry for the multiple comments- but this shit really pisses me off.

Even if Phyllis Shitfly is right- and all those people voted for Obama because of what they thought he might do for them- so fucking what?

Isn't that why she and the rest of her asshat Republican friends voted for McCain? So the government would continue to act in their, selfsih, selfserving, keep the poor poor and give me more, rich interests.

- I think my head just exploded.

Actually, Phyllis, the largest demographic to vote for Obama was "Americans." The second largest was "Veterans." Particularly, younger veterans.

Oh, Phyllis has had a job. She's an actual real attorney. Which means that back in the day, she stole a place in law school from some deserving white guy who really needed to become a lawyer to support his family, at a time when Phyllis should have been trying new recipes and looking pretty. But she is far above her very own rules. If her very own rules were activated, and applied retroactively, she would cease to exist.

That's not a suggestion, by the way, 'cause I would cease to exist too. It's just a little nightmare I thought I'd share with the group.

'Remind what purpose in life she serves again?'

Oh, one of sweetness and tolerance, to be sure.


"The blacks." you know how "those people" are.......

I would invite Ms. Shafty to drop by the Child Support Enforcement Section at the local courthouse any time to see how those divorced mothers are trying to cope with little or no child support. It's hard to get $$ from a guy who's been out of work for a long time. And, Philistine, pay close attention to exactly how much aid those moms get.

pfft, children don't matter. only fetuses.

I Wiki'ed Phyllis and see that her husband is deceased. I wonder if he's tied up in a rocking chair in the fruit cellar waiting for John to come down and play dress up with him.

Also, and alas, Phyllis has six children (I do wonder who reared them while she was busy destroying America). How prescient of her, considering her son John's 'lifestyle choice', to name one of them Liza...(wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

My brother became fascinated by the John Birch Society in the very early 1970's, so much so that we trekked to the little JB bookstore in San Antonio to check out the macabre literature. That is where I first saw her book "None Dare Call It Treason'. I have no doubt that if the KKK operated a little bookshop in San Antonio, it would have been stocked there as well.

What a fucking, hypocritical, busybodying vicious **** this woman is. To quote Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous: 'For God's sakes, just die already!'.

My research skills would qualify me to be a fact checker (if such a position existed) at Fux News.

Phyllis did not write 'None Dare Call It Treason'. Some 3-inch closet queen named John Stormer in fact wrote that book.

Mea Culpa.

But Phyllis is still a sorry ass ************.

70% of unmarried women voted for Obama? That's so they can be his bride in the heavenly paradise harem. Duh, Phyllis.

A woman who has made a career out of telling women they shouldn't have careers.
Self-awareness FAIL

Schlafly's insatiable desire to make adults play a never ending game of barbie dolls is not only eye rolling boring but points to just how childish and immature she is. Given her age one would think she could have at least matured past the doll playing stage to address issues like a thinking adult with even a little bit of awareness.

Ms. Schlafly's purpose? She's living proof we need to keep abortion safe and legal. And she should have been one of the offed fetuses herself, perhaps... Hey, just s(p)ayin', er, s(l)ayin'...

'Remind what purpose in life she serves again?'

She's one of the innumerable Serena Joys of the Right.

I remember when Phyllis rhetoric hurt like a knife, cut through deep into the tender portions of my hatred of my own femininity. She speaks to girls like what I was and men like the men I grew up with; who want to hate woman for some unspoken sin, hate their bodies, hate their sex, hate their words, kill them.

Phyllis hates woman and is hell-bent on punishing them.

She also is a greedy, nasty old bitch who has spent most of her life living in extreme wealth. She learned early on that her insane rhetoric makes money and so she's reaped in all she can.

she reminds me of why I am single. puckered asshole.

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