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July 18, 2010


It is now...

Even worse, perhaps, than typing "refudiate" when she means "refute" is the later tweet, which proves once and for all that the stupid twat doesn't even know how to use the word "refute" correctly to start with. The "Ground Zero mosque plan," apart from being nothing of the kind, isn't a logical argument and therefore is not subject to refutation.

Stupid, stupid, stupid excuse for a human being.

Was she trying to use repudiate? That makes more sense than refute. Doesn't matter. That woman is an idiot!

Refudiate, Repudiate... Twatwaffle is most excellent.

Sorge forthward, galliant one...

You and yer librul elitist dictionamary!

O Sarah, Sarah, wherefore art thou Sarah ? Our venomed irrefudible crook-pated bawdy clay-brained twat-waffle!

butbutbut refute is a word. somebody made a typo on her hand.

Twatwaffle! One of my fave.words.ever when needing just the right bon mot for a buffoon.

maybe refudiate the muslims is her election strategery.

It gets worse. She says it's ok because "English is a living language" and Shakespeare liked to coin new words."


She says it's ok because "English is a living language" and Shakespeare liked to coin new words."

There might be some intellectual dispute about the extent to which Shakespeare engaged in that pastime, but, there's no disputing the fact that Shakespeare was a whole helluva lot better at it than the Wasilla Snowbilly.

Nor is there any disputing the fact that, like all Repugs, she can't even admit a simple mistake, in this case, in word usage, and then compounded the error by more of the same.

But, there's a simple explanation: her mouth is connected to her brain....

Um, I learned back in Psych 101 that creating your own verbiage is a sign of schizophrenia... Sarah, hie thee to the Cuckoo's Nest - pronto!

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