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August 27, 2010


That was great.

Far Flipping Out!

The only lazy idiot mentioned in that video is the one who has a radio show . . .


Yup, Rush, if yer not humpin' yerself into an early grave makin' money for some fatcat assholes like yer advertisers, well, you're just not worth shit, right?

If there's anybody that deserves a ripe case of anal herpes, it's Pig Boy....

the rite knows nothing.

Right fucking on!

Rush is a domestic terrorist.

Other than that, he's an asshole.

"Rush is a domestic terrorist.

Other than that, he's an asshole."

Well said!!

CNN, Fox and even MSNBC will happily play Rush's comments as 'news' but they won't give this response even a mention. Oh, they will have A response from Erick Erickson or Pat Buchanan. The average American will never see this.

Having a voice only we can hear is having no voice at all.

This is wonderful!



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