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August 20, 2010


he needs to be removed from his command, stripped of his rank and immediately discharged.

Dint Indy put the Ark of the Covenant in the basement of the Smithsonian? They should use that at the kkkoncerts, too. That would be swell.

Spluttering with rage is right. I had to take a Xanax just to utter "WTF!"

As the son and father of veterans, I cannot yet put the nature of my anger into words. But I'll come up with something. I do feel like roaring with rage!

Thanks for the link.

What's that old Groucho Marx thing about "military intelligence being a contradiction in terms"?

Seems to be made doubly worse when Xristian Xrazy is involved.

Here's hoping those eighty soldiers contacted their local ACLU...

The first thing that should have happened is that these young soldiers should have marched into the JAG office, en masse, filed complaints and made depositions. But, they don't tell soldiers these days that's one of their rights, I guess.

The moment this hit the wires, though, there should have been an investigation, and the officers and non-coms involved should have been relieved of their commands, and reprimands issued, if there were credible complaints.

Forty years ago, this would have gotten a few generals fired. Unfortunately, this rat's nest has grown concurrently with the volunteer army, and evangelicals are over-represented in the commissioned officer ranks. Otherwise, it wouldn't be either tolerated or encouraged.

Got news for ya. It's gonna get worse before it gets better. And anyone that thinks this attitude doesn't bleed out into the combat ranks overseas is kidding themselves....

But it's all ok if your a right wing religious fanatic who worships JC or the holy 3. Man's law doesn't apply to these people. seriously- they think anything they do in pursuit of converting the world is acceptable.

when you can't even flip a fucking burger, i guess ya gotta take whatever is offered to you. volunteer armies, bad for you, bad for the country.

evangelicals are over-represented in the commissioned officer ranks

I am sure this does not go unnoticed in the Muslim world yet Barack-I stand with my Muslim brothers-Obama permits this group of whack jobs to represent our armed forces in foriegn lands.

Pick one Barry!

Can I borrow your desk.

Oh, Barack I-got-a-whackjob-to-pray-at-my-inauguration-and-increased-funding-for-faith-based-charities-and-now-I'm-running-scared-from-being-called-a-Muslim Obama will get right on this bullshit. You be.

Wake up. Just as the Israeli military has gone hard orthodox (to an extreme degree) over the past decade, so has the U.S. military.

Gotta have the believers around to run Armageddon properly

" Every one of them has had evangelical Christian performers, who typically not only perform their music but give their Christian testimony and read from the Bible in between songs."

And the audience received them with Rapturous applause.

"Mix of different performers with different religious backgrounds" = fundie, Baptist, Southern Baptist, evangelical, Xtianist, Foursquare, and some more fundie.

That's about as diverse as you're gonna get in the Air Force of the 21st century. Their academy is based in Colorado Springs, just like "Dr" Dobson.

The evangelization of the military is some truly scary shit. A wingnut fundy armed forces is only a few degrees of separation from A Handmaid's Tale.

yup. read The Family.
They are here. And they are dangerous

what part of the CONSTITUTION do these army twits not understand?

The first thing that should have happened is that these young soldiers should have marched into the JAG office, en masse, filed complaints and made depositions. But, they don't tell soldiers these days that's one of their rights, I guess.

They did go to Mikey Weinstein.

As bad as the evangelization is, the music had to be worse.

They did go to Mikey Weinstein.

Only because someone knew of or knew someone who knew of the MRFF. Beyond five years ago, there wouldn't have been an MRFF to go to.

Unless the military cleans up its act, even the MRFF is just a finger in the dike. What annoys me about this is that the President has both the authority and the duty to bring this nonsense to a screeching halt. I would never expect Bush to do it, but Obama could and should. In Bush's case, it was just a reflection of the born-again nonsense that he was pushing for political purposes. But, with Obama, it's a failure of will. He doesn't want to upset the military brass in wartime.

The closest circumstance to this in military history was Truman's desegregation of the armed forces. He issued an order and said that it would be enforced. A helluva lot of brown-shoe army types didn't like it one bit, but the regulations were amended to reflect that order and it was generally followed. Those that didn't follow that order were either disciplined or were outta there.

One can see just how out of control this is by the name of the program: Spiritual Fitness. That right there tells me this is institutionalized in the military, and one's "spiritual fitness" is not for the military to either determine or promote, and most certainly not with one faith as its core.

My guess is that one would have to bounce out about 30% of the field-grade and general staff of the military to put an end to this, but, it would be worth it. The military would be better off and would probably be much less inclined to ignore civilian control, and very much less inclined to think its collective duty was to fight holy wars. Once one believes that his purpose has been directed by God, one is generally willing to excuse just about any atrocity and any violation of law, which might partly explain the horrors we've seen from the military in the last decade, particularly.

M'self, I'd have a shopping list of charges prepared against every single one of the generals proselytizing in their commands, because, first and foremost, they're bad soldiers.

The officer in question is now in charge of a supply dump, he has lost his former position due to this crap. That doesn't mean this shit has stopped, just that one too bold individual is outta there. Betcha he was immediately replaced by a more politically correct nut case.

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