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September 03, 2010


Whoopsie-daisey. Man, these people are too much.
The only honest guy there was the flag salesman.

"I'd probably be somewhere else."

freeper friday in the milwaukee urinal. they printed a beckkky's letter.

OK Pansy. 1967 Whitefish Bay HS. I'm wearing a Journal sweatshirt, and looking at the Pacific ocean. Long story. Love Sammy.

Z-Poo. It was Lincoln SF, and in the sea of heads 'tween classes, I thought of the India Ink

I can't get sound right now but I'm sure the usual predictably ignorant statements justifying white supremacy, class supremacy and male supremacy and exclusion based on privilege, justification of oppression and general caucasion denial and cluelessness were expressed.

Our culture will not deal with the terms of oppression of people who do not fit the ideal mold of white, male and monied because for the beneficiaries to do so would mean giving up part of their privilege.

They know this and say it in more creative ways than I ever thought possible, but its all the same at the end of the day.

To hell with anyone who threatens the supposed supremacy of the white, middle class male. I might also add that white, lower class males are given more chances than any other group to move themselves out of their hole, because of course, its always the black man, the immigrant, the gubmint, the whores of the world who trap him with their baby making skillz and demands for assistance in raising said babies, women who won't marry him and assume their role as personal slaves, black people who demand to be recognized as human, environmentalists, taxes and oh, did I say black men in government?

These people, if they ever struggled economically or socially only have themselves to blame.

His other videos are worth watching as well!!!


NPR got a letter that the beckkk DC thing was about LOVE. kkkumbaya.

Seder is great, and his forays amongst the Teabaglia are to be admired. It'd be great if he could find out what that flag-seller makes per day, pay him double, and let him drop his flags for a day and just wonder the crowd with a camera wired into his hat and wearing a NOBAMA t-shirt.

He'd probably get film of them giving him a medal just for attending.

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