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September 14, 2010


Wow! Good to choose a narcissistic cry baby who lies on her job application and ultimately gets fire then turns around and sues for almost $15million for the shame, humiliation and despair she felt that was the fault of her employer "doing" this to her.
Hopefully tons of "independents" voted in the GOP primary to push this idiot through so she could lose by a landslide to the Dem.

Was that anti-masturbation "Pastor's" name Hitchcock?

Palladino - Teabagger candidate for governor in NY has big lead over general all around asshole and republican candidate Rick Lazio. W(here)TF is this country going?

W(here)TF is this country going?

A real-life remake of "A Boy and His Dog?"



So Miss No-Diddle Diddle Down There won in Delaware. Guess she gets to pay off all her bills with the influx of campaign donations from the Koch Brothers.

Wait. Did someone say we're not allowed to whack off anymore?

That's right JDM no more spankin the monkey in Delaware.

Is it me or do these gals look like they're right out of a porn movie? Now showing "The church girls do Delaware".

What does she mean "you can't masturbate without lust"?

Hell, I do that all the time. Desultorily. Even morosely.

She makes it pretty clear what she wouldn't be "in the picture".

the ladies around the teabagstress in this video
look like pron stars...no wonder the "pastor" is
directing the show !

1. Poor thing's probably all pursed up "down there," from all that sex denial. Likely explains the funny expression on her face--that's not a smile--that's the strain of discomfort....

2. Bet she's as hot between the sheets as Alaska in December. She'd eliminate sex all right, by making it....boring.....

3. Will her first act as an elected representative be a bill making it mandatory for anyone over 14 to wear a chastity belt? Only to be allowed off (by gov't fiat)to do the "sacred act of procreation," and only within the "confines of Holy Matrimony"?

The rest of the world must be laughing or puking--unless you're a virginal old Pope...

She should keep her mind and laws she wants to create off my body parts and what I do with them.

Yet that's the teabaggering idiots for 'ya, you betcha, have to be the bedroom, sex, womb, sperm, morality, marriage policemen. Like Victorians, one standard will be for them, another for everyone else. Of course, guess who'll violate their standards more often. Them!

Yikes. I don't need a she likes big government when it suits her dominatrix. Thank you anyway.

My money's on she's into bondage.

BWAH! fux gnews created their monster.

What do the girls call a "stranger"? I wonder if this wondrous mind just has a different name for masturbatory impulses and activities that she can hide in her unconscious? As long as she has two or more personalities, why can't a couple of them still think they are virgins or that they don't masturbate? I bet she has a whole bunch of opinions with as many people living inside that orb telling her weird, weird stuff.

She looks like a blow-up doll.

Love the way her oh-so-serious demeanor suddenly transforms into a big smile and a gleam in her eyes when she hits the word "lust."

Be careful what you ask for! If Christine gets her way and you can't choke the chicken, then Rush and Glenn Beck will have to cancel their talk shows for lack of material

O'Donnell is a freak...

What they sing? Is that a religious song?

But if you want to masturbate, we have the toys to make it happen. So to all I say if it feels good do it.

just be glad that she has friends to look after her. With all she has been through, it's good to know people will be there for her.

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Masturbation is the one thing i cant live without !!

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