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September 12, 2010


using meth during pregnancy causes lotsa birth defects, miz snowbilly. or were you sick the day they gave that lekture?



This is brilliant.

Nothing about French schoolchildren? They paid for it, you stupid bitch!

This comment is really over the top. Why isn't this lady's 15 minutes over yet?

That being said, I was doing travelling through the south this weekend (ATL and Houston) and all of the book stores features Wasilla-hillbilly books, Michele Malkin, and Glen Blech prominently in the leading displays for the stores. Why didn't we let them go in 1861?

I wish the Statue of Liberty would do a facepalm...then stride across the country to wherever Grizleh's Baby Momma is and dropkick her to Jupiter.

I think Governor Halfling is confusing this:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

With this:

"Just finish the danged fence"

We must save poor Piper!

THAT is a very good question, marmoset

let's see now - French designer; French legal professor inspiration; French money (and US money also). And the real name is "Liberty Enlightening the world", not "The world warning the US against becoming socialist.."

PW, Piper is beyond hope.

The extraordinary thing is that people believe this shit, even after learning about the actual circumstances in school. She says "foreign leaders" because she simply doesn't want to acknowledge that it was those democratic socialists cheese-eating surrender monkeys, the French, that helped finance it and constructed it.

And since when is "gift" a verb?

(I know! She's got "grifted" on the brain, and she just caught herself before saying it.)



Seeing how it's the FRENCH who gave us Lady Liberty, does Mama Grizzly also feel compelled to call it "The Freedom Statue"?

Why in th 5^3& are we supposed to even care anymore what the Professional Candy-date is saying, any way?

Nice PhotoShop image, though. Caribou Barbie's likely too dense to realize it's meant to insult her.

gawd, she really IS an idiot!!!

Never hear much about Willow lately. Maybe we can save her?

I like how she starts out: 'This' Statue of Liberty. To differentiate it, I guess, from the many Statues of Liberty all around the world.

our only hope is to save twig.

Never hear much about Willow lately. Maybe we can save her?

Nah! Too late, she's likely birthing Sarah's "sixth" child

and Piper's lined up for lucky number 7.

You omitted the "Freedom Fries" !

You have inspired a blog post. Actually, I just stole this one, cause I like it so much.

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