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October 19, 2010


Why are you speechless? So she's a little bit stupid and perhaps a touch ignorant...

You're speechless. She's thoughtless.

Freedom of speech is freedom of thoughtlessness.

I was a little exercised, JDM. ;-)

She doesn't have a prayer in the election. Can't we just ignore her now? (I'm so sick of seeing her fuck-doll open mouth....)

Believe it or not, I found the video and it's just awe inspiring. The chick is a total tool.

Video- Christine O’Donnell: “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?”

The bar's so low that they keep digging it up and burying it deeper, just to accommodate Ms. I-Don't-Know-Who-The-Fuck-I-Am-But-I'm-Just-Like-You.

Ah, linked you up, Paddy!

More frightening? That she very likely might be the next Senator from Delaware.

funny, I don't find it surprising at all... most of these "flag hugging, constitution embracing" teatards have the same basic understanding of the US Constitution as she does... they understand how to pronounce the word, but do not know what it means wrt the very basic principles of this country.

She doesn't have a prayer in the election.


ignorance is diss.

The Twenty Ten Commandments? The New Covenant? The Constitution? What's the difference?

...nothing to the American Taliban!

She smiles at the laughter thinking the audience is sharing with her the pleasure of a well landed blow. Sometimes the word “wow” just doesn’t cut it.

just as jesus was removed from the rite wing bible, so the constitution has republikkklan filters so that part has been edited out.

This doesn't surprise me that someone like her can rise above other candidates and come out as some party's candidate for Senate. A few years back, not long after 9/11, NPR did a survey asking people what they knew about the Bill of Rights. An astounding majority could not name the five basic freedoms in the First Amendment. Another majority indicated that they thought there should be limits to free speech. I actually started to cry when I heard these results.

To combat my own ignorance, I now carry the ACLU's copy of the Constitution with me everywhere. Ya never know when you will have to debunk some idiot on even our basic freedoms endowed to us by this document.

she be dumber than piss

That ought to shut her the fuck up.

Yes, the little witch is an ignoramus but why the heck couldn't Coons adequately identify the freedoms guaranteed in the first amendment? He should have had all of that on the tip of his tongue and showed that little twit what a deep reading and understanding of the Constitution is. She also may not be as dumb as we all like to think her; maybe she set him up?

He at least KNOWS that the First Amendment exists and what it delineates. He also KNOWS there ARE freedoms. Which is a FAR cry from The Dabbler.

can we get civics back now?

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