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October 23, 2010


No shirts, no shoes, no muslim garb, no service.

Just file Wan Williams under sold out, worthless POS right next to Cokie Roberts.

I answered phones at the local NPR affiliate in Omaha yesterday. An old farmer from rural Iowa called up to pledge, and when I asked him if he had any comments for the station, he said "I'm glad you guys fired Juan Williams"!

The ice twit is calling for defunding of NPR.
The baggers kochsuckers should be glad that
they got another asshole working for Fox now.

he was no daniel shore. shame kookie roberts will stay forever.

Capt. I think a more apt name would be Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhn Williams.

i always stretch out the WAAAAAAAAAAn.

I don't got to cho you no stinking

Whenever I see some guy in an overpriced, tailored business suit, I get nervous. I get worried.

What pansypoo said.

I loved her "opinion" about where the Obama's were vacationing: "They should have chosen something more like Virginia Beach (instead of going to Hawaii to honor his dead Grandmother) F you Cokie.. Hope you are the next to go. Juan: Bye- Bye! Won't miss you

I got the Wan from Drifty, from whom many things perfectly fucking hilarious come.

I didn't miss Daniel Shore when he died. Cokie Roberts is a sell out. Daniel Shore was a jerk who was far too full of himself.

I will never forget some of the vapid commentary the man gave over the years.

These people, all of them in the media, love to assume they have their finger on the pulse of America. They couldn't be further from the entire body of America.

Kate, how old are you? And it's Daniel Schorr.

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