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December 02, 2010


time to play 'Whack An Asshat".

Do you have the photo credit? Because this looks like the work of Reuters, who brought us the "I have to go to the bathroom?" note from Bush.

Chip Somodevilla, zuzu. Just added it. Thanks for reminding me.

It's a nice shot that allows the viewer to freely imagine a huge iron clamp bolted to McCain's mouth.

You must be this old [picture of Steve Simels] to get this joke.

I enjoyed the bitchslapping he got from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs today, too. Ouch!

mccant is having a tantrum. WHAT A FUCKING WATB he is.

Got a bitch-slappin', but was it enough to lend support to ending DADT?

He truly is McCranky

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