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January 04, 2011


They don't even pretend to be intelligent, do they? Except Steele. And was the quote from "Tale of Two Cities" supposed to be him citing "War and Peace"? Because that's what it sounded like in context. The Ratpublican Party is proud to be ruled by buffoons. Or I should say fronted by buffoons, because the men who run things behind the scenes are deadly smart, like vipers.

Hard to imagine that Steele could come off looking even stupider than the woman who wasn't listening to the question and sounded as if she needed a drink, but, he did pull it off.

Heraclitus was probably right when he wrote, "character is fate."

i'll save my time.

SERIOUSLY, why do I even care anymore ? How the FN Hey-Zeus-in, Britches, corn doggin' , Bastions ... are we losing to these brainless twits ? ...... The best part was Tuck acting oh so superior to the other ignorant assholes. Best of Times indeed !

Funny how no one mentioned the Babble as their favorite book...

Whatever happened to My Pet Goat?

The GOP keeps digging in the bottom of the barrel and the Dems also behave as if they haven't a clue.

It is becoming increasingly hard to give a damn.

the daily show was enough. OMG that was funny.

sadly, someone was missing :(


The "how many guns do you own?" answers were great, too.

"Five." -- Reince Prius
"Oh, for Christmas we got a new gun case, and I think there's about sixteen guns in there, everything: pistols, Glocks, rifles, shotguns!" -- lady who likes drinking at her kitchen table best

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