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March 13, 2011


Oh, and the tsunami is a net positive for the US economy because of oil prices! Thank you blonde bimbo on the right for that cogent, humanitarian observation!

Both blonde business bimbos had that "oh shit, what did this combover loser just say!?!?" look on their faces after Kudlow dropped that bomb, and tried to talk over him, change the tragectory of the discussion, etc.

Kudlow could care less about people, his real worries are if the precious, precious markets are injured in any way. Perhaps if he thought of the dead as no longer usable meatcogs for industry he might be moved to care just a tiny, tiny bit.

What seems even worse than the bald statement itself, he was simply using the carnage to segue into his pronouncements on the markets.

Fitzgerald was right, and Hemingway was wrong. The rich are different from the rest of us.

Maybe some day Wall Street's light poles will decorated with festoons of swinging suits.

Dark-haired Woman In Red gave him a double-take, but then decided this was acceptable commentary. Wouldn't it have been wonderful had someone said, "WTF, Larry?"

Sadly, it was not to be. Let's grill them all up.

>(CNN) – P.J. Crowley is abruptly stepping down as State Department
spokesman under pressure from White House officials because of
controversial comments he made last week about the Bradley Manning case, CNN has learned from senior officials familiar with the matter.

Kudlow's comment was completely cold-hearted, so he's set for life, but Crowley shows he has a conscience and so he's outside faster than an old dog who stained the carpet.

I'm happy to hear Larry's portfolio was undamaged. ...... I was really, really worried that Wall Street was gonna have a bad hair day.

MBA=no soul.

They all should be harassed by their superiors, but they won't be. Hopefully those comments will get back to Japan, where they may have their own ideas about their suffering being seen as "good for the economy".

Stupid pukes. People should throw out their teevees, honestly, there should be a television boycott. We don't need them, why do we continue to watch them?

Someone tell Kud-blow that an earthquake in Bolivia pushed up the street price of coke, and you'll see him bawling like John Boehner.

These sociopaths don't give a crap about anything unless it's happening to them personally.

Larry Kudlow is a monster.

Just a bog standard conservative. People don't matter, only profits.

Larry Kudlow is a pin-striped turd.

Fucker just tweeted an apology saying he didn't mean it. Of course he meant it. You don't say such shit and not know what you are saying.

Fucker just tweeted an apology saying he didn't mean it.

Well he didn't mean to get caught saying it in public. You know it is what he, and all the other conservatives, really think.

The only human that matters to him is himself. And that he won't lose any money because of this disaster (probably because he has stock in Halliburton and other disaster companies). Guess what Larry, all your money won't matter in the end. You will still die.

Yes, some day he will die. But all the money will stay in the Family and that's what matters. The rich stay rich.

The way it's going Carol, it'll only be temporary, as the collapse of civilization is assured with these people at the helm. A perfect storm of environmental calamity, financial armeggedon and resourse depletion leading to violent sustained social upheaval will take us off the stage of life before too long (within a generation, most likely).

I'll go with Captain Combover. That was a Freudian slip. Just as I suspected-with the right-wing crowd, profits come before people every time.

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