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March 08, 2011


Methinks Megyn is the one that should be in a coma.... or, already is.

really? "the bitch deserved it" is the angle she's taking with this... I doubt she'd take that position if she were the one beaten damn near to death over a parking space.... and with an attitude like that she may end up on the receiving end of that type of beating.

Well let's hope FERVENTLY that Broadcasting and Cable magazine's 'Anchor To Watch' wiggles her Pez dispenser into a some nut job's parking space and see if justice prevails.

BTW Broadcasting and Cable magazine? Is that a News Corp property?

Megyn Kelly, proof positive that you can provide someone with a top notch education and they won't necessarily end up smart.

i can't wait for her to age out.

Megyn Kelly is living proof that beauty is skin deep. Ugly, on the other hand, goes clean to the bone.

Gender solidarity (with the guy who signs yer paycheck) Megyn!

(And how 'bout spelling yer name like a normal person? I mean, ME-GYN makes you sound kinda lesbo)

I would guess that Matt Taibbi's court would have no trouble finding, unanimously, that Megyn Kelly is a major-league asshole.

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