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March 30, 2011


Yep and when he turn 18 he can become cannon fodder.

well, he said he's dying for America... so yeah, at the rate we're going he'll get his chance in a couple of years.... I'm pretty sure we'll still be in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and probably a few other countries dropping freedom bombs...

Sorry kid, all the adults before you selfishly fucked this country good. Too bad the karmic debt is all yours but a lot of Americans had this coming for a long time. Maybe you should get out while you can. And one more thing, we already have way too many mediocre, untalented schmucks killing music as an art form, so knock it off.

he is SO not playing that piano ...

He's a little young to be singing about crying & dying for America, isn't he? I mean, he was born during the Bu$h administration. We were not actually soaring to the mountain tops then.....if ever...

I'm going to keep this in my medicine cabinet should the need arise for a powerful emetic.

has beeber's voice changed yet?

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