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March 08, 2011


Doesn't Man-on-Dog's latest argument also apply to heterosexual marriage? As in:

I believe if two adults of different sexes want to have a relationship that is their business. But when they ask society to give that relationship special recognition and privileges, then we should be able to have a rational debate about whether that is good public policy.

Why should any marriage, gay or straight, be a legally recognized institution with special privileges at all?

he's altered his stance to one that straddles dogs.... and that's all you need to know.

Well there you go again, DAS, twisting the man's words. He is a Senior Fellow at a THINK Tank. Where they think big thoughts.....and they have no more brains than we do. But they do have a sheep's skin ;-). I agree with you , WHAT FN SPECIAL privileges and recognition is LiL Ricki referring to. Governments can only issue partnerships and dissolve them. A certain segment of the population isn't allowed to enter into a partnership because of jagoffs like LiL Ricki. I think that's unconstitutional and unAmerican. What do I know ? I'm not a senior fellow in a think tank.

I'm pretty sick and stuck on the comparison that he made to consensual adult sexual relations to incest.

The man is an idiot. Why do idiots get into office?

You're giving Dan Savage a woody. Stop it, you'll make his his husband jealous! I hope Mr. Santorum runs. I can't wait to tear him a new anal aperture!

he needs to swim w/ so extra frisky dolphins.

mmmm Frothy

That's a face that's positively begging for a dopeslap....

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