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March 08, 2011


So, what exactly IS happening in Massachusetts? All those sexed up kindergarteners! She never got to that part of her sexy yet cautionary tale.

Anuses are better left unfornicated, apparently. They're just unsuitable! She should get out more, she'd be amazed at that they're putting in anuses these days.

I suppose this is going to go on until all the concern trolls born before the 1940s die off. Thats when homos and sex edjumacation were invented!

she heard about santorum.

I'd say more like born before the 1960's, since it wasn't until the seventies that real sex education started to kick into gear along with the horrid liberalization of women, people of color and dildos.

She doesn't wanna' "go down that road?" Sounds as if she's opposed to going up that road as well.

(paraphrasing from George Carlin.)

My ass hurts just listening this old bag.

Um, God made the sphincter is tight to keep things IN, not out ... duh!!! otherwise we'd be pooping like Canada Geese, willy nilly.

And last I checked, homosexual sex NEVER made anybody pregnant. Did I miss something?

oh, where is Edit? meant to delete "is" in previous post, sorry.

Going before the Colorado Senate to talk about assholes means that she knows her audience.

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