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April 21, 2011


Give Gov. Johnson a break. I wouldn't vote for any repuglican president, but he'd surely beat the field.

He was governor in '00 when I came to NM. He did a decent job - much better than the corrupt wingnut in there now.

Most importantly, he took a courageous stand for marijuana legalization, after actually putting some thought and research into it.

plucky little fellow.

still looking for a bush to erect.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said "We elected a black president. I think that we clearly have shown that we are colorblind. Colorblind and we’re not a discriminate (sic) nation."
What is this "we" crap ?

Johnson was a self-impressed little dork who was in industry's pocket. Environmental enforcement virtually ground to a halt because he imposed "voluntary compliance" rules on many state departments. He axed money for necessary programs, even when their cost was miniscule (early in his first term, there had been a mobile program to go to rural areas to collect medical forensic evidence in cases involving sexual assault of children, because most outlying areas had no way of doing that, and the annual cost for a van, a driver, a nurse practitioner and a social worker was ~ $300K, and he vetoed continuing funding for it, saying it was unnecessary, even though the mobile unit had been instrumental in gathering evidence that led to dozens of convictions).

He's just another Ayn Rand-adoring dickhead, regardless of his stance toward marijuana.

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