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May 19, 2011


I hope the air traffic controllers will be able to handle all those transmogrified rapturers this weekend.

Rapture ain't happenin' on Saturday. No way I'm going to heaven and leaving those dust bunnies under my bed for demons to find.

Especially in Detroit!

oh baby, gonna have me one hell of a laugh at the xians expense!

what if he's wrong and it's next weekend?

it's gettin' hot in here

If only this meant that they would either disappear or at least shut up after Sunday....


California is shaking and quaking and Newt is running for Pres.!!! Plus a kenyan is Pres

Better pick up a bottle of SPF 666 you heathen beeyatchas

I'm hoping for a big saucer to land on the Mall in Washington, DC, Saturday afternoon, and a guy in a silver suit to get out next to a giant robot, to the sound of thirty million evangelicals mumbling, "uh-oh."

Heh, montag. "Klaatu barada nikto."

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