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May 21, 2011


Whoa! It's 6:01pm ...everybody still here?

Is Camping on his way to the Cayman Islands with the booty yet?

Has Scary Sarah found a way to get a cut of the loot?

Have those thousands of people who've quit their jobs asked for them back?

Have the billboards already come down?

So many questions, so few answers....

Camping has disappeared, with a sign on his door, "Sorry we missed you" and all the drapes closed at his home. Eighty million buys a lot of disappearing. Ask Ken Lay.

Could you add "rational" to the list?

We're 20 minutes away here in L.A. Should I start worrying yet?

Still knocking around here in Houston. Though it was odd when my Dad and I got out of the car, it was right at 6 and the little church across from the restaurant was playing badly recorded hymns on their loudspeakers and the windows were all open. I did look up but saw no one ascending... Maybe tomorrow I'll drive past and see if the coroner's 18 wheeler is there picking up the bodies from a mass 'suicide', er 'rapture' pact...?

Wow. As I type this, it's 6:15 p.m. here in L.A. No cataclysmic earthquakes (I guess we've got faulty faults.) None of my true-believer neighbors are floating upwards (clothed or not). Maybe God's got a busted watch?

Harold Camping is the NostraDUMBASS of our generation.

my cats are happy i am still here.

Used to be you could count on false prophets to try a little harder than this.

How can you be sure it didn't happen? 144,000 is about ~0.002% of the world's population. About 155,000 people die per day and how often do you and everyone you know, know anyone that died that died?

I can't find my cat. It wouldn't surprise me if kittehs were the only thing god wanted to bring back to heaven!

Cool, I'm "All of the above."

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