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May 10, 2011



hear, hear!


what is it with these medieval approaches to religion?

Mazel tov!

Gimmo?? Damn iPhone.

They are a patriarchy, we are a patriarchy only Der Tzitung, due to the ritual constraints of their readership is forced to be more honest about it.

Let's face it, women have been wiped from history and from being seen for the entire existence of the patriarchy, its how it works. What's the surprise, that its so obvious on this day?

Even the mainstream holds onto belief systems that were developed 2,000 years ago and we wonder why the GOP is going after women, trying to make them invisible once again? Is it any mystery why there was so much vitriol focused on Hillary during the last election cycle or that there were only two women in that entire room of "deciders"?

Or that women still don't earn a wage equal to a man and the lower down the economic ladder, the more women are separate from men?

Instead of criticizing a paper with a readership that is unabashedly patriarchal, possibly we should look at how much we are actually similar to them -- and Taliban.

But is that newspaper even kosher?

because separating the sexes answers all our problems.

Separating the sexes has worked wonders for the fundamentalist Muslim world. Hell, fundamentalists everywhere.

Kate, while I agree with you that the mainstream is still entrenched in this biased belief system I will not let the publishers of this rag or their brainwashed readership off they hook!

Just because the Hasidim and the orthodox chose to live in a parallel reality mostly un-integrated with the rest of society, they are still treating their women as second class citizens in the name of religion within our borders which adds to the overall abused status of the American woman.

As much as they would like to live by their own laws they are still bound by what modern America considers decent and should expect critisism when their backwardness or fanaticism is revealed. ...and I won't even go into what they condsider gays or that they pumped their money into lobby groups that enabled the neocon movement.

I love you. But then, you know that. ;)

Bravo! And thank you. :- )

I'd love to see the original photo that appeared in the sorry Orthodox rag, instead of the picture of the picture. Apparently (big surprise!) Der Tzitung doesn't maintain a website; it's too worldly and modern (yet they weren't afraid of using PhotoShop to crop out the only two females from the Sitch Room photo, go figure).

Here's hoping Der Tzitung is the next newspaper to find itself retired to the library morgue. And how these putzes expect to go on making copies of Hasidic Jews without those vile temptresses escapes me...

Oh now that is a thing of beauty.


Keep it up for a week. Take that, black hats!

Well done!

Oh, my. That really lifted my spirits! Good on you for thinking of it.

"Apparently (big surprise!) Der Tzitung doesn't maintain a website"

Yes they do. The name of the paper is actually Di Tzeitung, not Der Tzeitung. Many of the news reports have spelled it wrong.


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