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May 20, 2011


Hah! I knew it from the second I picked up this week's Onion that the pro-life wackos were going to think the "Abortionplex" was for real.

I think I'm going to cry now.

i always enjoy a hearty laugh at the stupidity of the human race but i'm also ashamed to be a member of this stunted species "hell bent" on committing ecocide via pollution, species-cide and suicide all at the same time.

Our own deluded thinking places us atop all living things as some "image and likeness of God" when in reality we're much closer to yeast in our self-control, wild animals with respect to relationships with each other, and about as intelligent as a parasite can be.

i'd write more but it's time for me to return to the asylum.

Excellent. No Child Left Behind™ is working according to plan.

those bell curve dude forgot o mention there a lot of stupid crackers too.

Stupid fundies overreacting to a joke told at their expense just makes it funnier.

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