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May 02, 2011


Just wrong. Which is why it made me LOL

And now I must calm down my cats from my exploding w/laughter over this. Well played twolf...well played. :)

that's some slick 3D modeling!

"OK everybody, no fighting in the war room, every body can have a hat."

Oh, you are a very bad tiger(and wolf)! :-)

Wolf + Tigre = ROTFLMAO

Love it!

Gotta be a team player, no matter how it looks. Priceless.


that hat needs to be burned. vaporized, destroyed utterly.

those are hats?

I thought they were some weird antennae.

Of course they are all worshipers of Lord Cthulhu.

There's just something about this...maybe the juxtaposition in time of the two, umm, events...
I linked to it here on my FB page, *with* attribution.

I'm not surprised it's gotten a lot of attention. It is, to use the Brits fave expression: brilliant!

Friend, share with you a good thing

Hope you will like it,Not girls don't come in, oh

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